Vivo Dual Monitor and Laptop Riser Workstation (DESK-V000K) Review

Sitting for too long a day is not a great idea. But we do it anyway because we need to work. But did you know that doing so increases the risk of having cardiovascular diseases and diabetes?

Aside from the fact that we can get back pains from sitting too long, we can also develop hunching, improper posture, scoliosis from trying too hard to get the right posture, and even spinal injury. No, I am not exaggerating. These are facts.

Which is why standing up every once in a while is needed. But how about just standing up while working? I tried it with a Vivo standing desk converter.

If you want to know my thoughts about it, read on!

What is a standing desk converter?

A standing desk converter is a cross-breed between a standing desk and a computer or laptop stand. It consists of a desk and sometimes a separate keyboard tray. The converter part is brought about by the adjustable feature that it has.


The company started back in 2002 when its founder started selling several retail and wholesale products. 3 years down the road, they concentrated on electronic liquidation sales. They moved to Goodfield, IL because they needed a bigger space.

They added another service to their expertise which is replacing and repairing laptop computer parts. In 7 years, they had a total of 5 branches and became the leading company in replacement screen. It was in 2012 when they started making ergonomic products and office equipment to help better our working experience.

Vivo Dual Monitor and Laptop Riser Workstation (DESK-V000K)

Vivo Dual Monitor and Laptop Riser Workstation (DESK-V000K) Review

This desk is a dual standing desk converter that has a desk and a removable keyboard tray in a 2-tier construction. Converting from one height to another is easy with its raising mechanism.

The desk has quite a large surface area and can fit 2 monitors. The keyboard tray also has a large surface area that has more room for your keyboard and mouse. With mine, I sometimes put my phone on the tray as well and prefer putting it there rather than on the designated phone slot in the center.


Go from sitting to standing or vice versa.

Need to stand or sit throughout the day? This adjustable desk converter allows you to do so easily to give you a healthier balance between both.

Fast and easy conversion.

Going from standing to sitting and vice versa has become easier with this desk converter. It gives you a smooth and easy conversion in just one go using the advanced easy-touch height adjusting medium pneumatic spring lift.

At a resting point (when it’s as is and not adjusted at all), it’s at 4.2 inches high. From the tabletop, it can adjust between 10.5 inches to 19.7 inches. Just squeeze the handle and the desk will adjust quickly right up.

Large surface area.

The main desk (topmost desk) measures 31.5 inches x 15.7 inches means 2 monitors can fit in along with your phone or mini tablet. The keyboard tray (lower desk) measures 31.3 inches x 11.8 inches which holds the keyboard and mouse and still has room for more, say your phone.

Durable materials.

Materials and construction are strong and durable in most parts. Details down below.

But the solid steel frame is sturdy and the color is modern and will look good in any office setup. It can also support a weight of up to 33 lbs.

Simple and easy setup.

Assembly is easy and there are no tools required. All hardware and instructions are provided and these are all you need. And some effort of course.

My Thoughts

Mixed feelings.

Let me expound.

Not all of their claims are true, at least in my experience. Let’s start from top to bottom, both good and bad.

The main desk sure has a generous surface area and two monitors can fit right in along with a smaller laptop. I tried it without a laptop and it was a success. My monitors in total weren’t past 33 lbs which is the limit so all is fine on that count.

The pen or phone slot is, for me, at the wrong place perhaps? Well, it could probably do better if it has thinner bezels or outlines so if you place your laptop in the center, it won’t wobble.

Going down, the tray also has a large surface area. The problem is that it extends too far out that tipping can happen if the desk converter is at its fullest height and if you have a heavy top desk.

Adjusting the height was fine but you have to be careful especially if you have several monitors on top. The handles also need getting used to.

Assembly was hard. It’s heavy and actually needs time to be put together. Never do it alone.

Also, make sure that the keyboard tray is properly and tightly secured or it will fall off. But it looks pretty great. The overall black looks chic and modern and overall it is a sturdy standing desk converter for its price.

  • Sturdy
  • Large top desk surface area
  • Large tray desk surface area
  • Good for the price
  • Modern and good-looking
  • The tray desk extends too far out and can cause tipping.
  • The phone or pen slot is raised which can cause an uneven surface for the laptop.
  • The adjustment handles are hard to operate.
  • Assembly was hard.
  • The keyboard can fall off if not installed properly.


1. How heavy is it?

It weighs approximately 54 lbs.

2. How high can it go?

The maximum height it can extend to is 19.7”.

3. What is its overall dimension?

The overall dimension is 31.3” L x 16” W x 4.2” H.


I have been testing out computer and office-related products so I can give you my thoughts about them and you can ultimately decide what’s best for you. Other than than, I am also testing out products to find what’s best for me and find the most comfortable and efficient products that work for my needs.

The Vivo V000K standing desk converter isn’t bad. It is decent but just needs a little more tweaking. It is sturdy and can hold up regular computer tasks.

I if the cons above are addressed, this would make the perfect standing converter desk for its price range.