Best Wooden Foot Rest Under Desk

When we work on the computer for extra long hours, it’s our back and spine that are the ones to take the most damage. But little do we know that our feet can also affect our posture and cause back pain if left unchecked.

And it’s actually not just the back that suffers from pain and pressure. The feet too can get strained and stressed. If your feet are dangling, too bent, too immobile, it will feel painful or uncomfortable in time.

Therefore, our feet need the same treatment we give our backs or hands when working on the desk. I searched online for the best wooden foot rest under desk and here’s what I found. Check them out!

Dr. Foot Ergonomic Wood Under Desk Foot Rest

This brand doesn’t take feet health for granted.

Their wood footrest is dedicated to treating muscle cramps and pain in the feet including the nerves. Which makes sense because our feet house more than 200 muscles, ligaments, and tendons altogether. Treating it with care is absolutely necessary.

Sometimes when we sit down our feet are either dangling or pressed flat on the floor. Improper feet position can cause improper circulation, pain, or even injuries in the pelvis overtime. The most ideal action is to prevent it in the first place.

This footrest from Dr. Wood is made from natural pine wood. It is sturdy and durable and can even support you if you sit on it with a maximum weight of  264.5 lbs.

  • 100% pine wood
  • Non-toxic
  • Curved to contour the feet
  • Study and durable
  • Can skip and slide around

Humanscale Foot Machine Footrest

Rocks like a big pedal.

Let me explain. Remember that bicycle you used to play with when you’re young? This looks similar to the pedals of that bike, only supersized.

Humanscale has several footrests in the market and this is one of their most popular items. This one has a really durable construction: solid hardwood platforms and steel frame. But I think the star of this product is the 3 height adjustment as well as the roller bearings.

It looks amazing as it does a great job. It provides relief from sitting too long through the gentle rocking of the feet. This action engages the lower extremities and helps increase good circulation.

According to studies, moving the feet while working promotes healthy circulation and increases work efficiency considerably. It helps engage the lower back as well, other than the legs and feet and helps prevent lower back and pelvic pain.

If you want your workspace to be all-ergonomic, this footrest would be the cherry on top even if it’s under your desk.

  • Great construction
  • Durable and stable
  • Great rocking feature
  • Height adjustments of 3.75 inches to 6.75 inches
  • Non-skid
  • None

StrongTek Under Desk Foot Rest

This one is designed by a NASA scientist.

So, what does this footrest have to offer?

Well, let’s talk about its construction first. Each leg curved. Curved as in shaped like a literal letter C.

Each leg has rubber grips on the entire surface to prevent it from skidding when you rock forward and back. This also helps prevent damaging the surface of the floor if you don’t have a carpet especially if it’s hardwood.

It also features an anti-slip textured surface of ultra-fine grit. This helps you gain control and stability whether you’re wearing footwear or not.

Constructed with Lauan hardwood plywood, this footrest is heavy-duty, strong, durable, and dependable. It looks natural and eye-catching.

The 4.4-inch height takes the stress away from the upper legs, feet, and ankles. It’s lightweight and portable. Bring it with you to the office or at home.

Whether you’re working, playing games, studying, etc, especially for long periods, this is a great companion for the feet. You can use it for your standing desk too, provided you do the balancing, of course.

  • Curved legs
  • Anti-skid leg surface
  • Anti-slip grit-textured surface
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non-adjustable height

Footrest Buying Guide

Here are some of the things you will want to look at when considering a footrest.


Of course, footrests should be engineered to cater to the feet’s needs, as they too get fatigued at the end of the day. Some designs help the feet conform to the footrest, while others have textured coatings to help massage the feet and allow good blood circulation.

Overall, a tilted footrest or one that can be tilted is ideal compared to a flat footrest. This is because it allows more movement to keep the circulation going and to prevent stress from having one position for a long time.


There are footrests that can be height-adjusted and there are those that have fixed heights. If you’re shorter, get one that you can actually reach and have a good rest for your feet. This is the reason why most people prefer adjustable footrests because they can adjust the height and find the best one for them.


Just because they’re for the feet doesn’t mean they don’t have to be durable. On the contrary, it should be treated like a desk for a computer because it is where you’ll be resting your feet the whole day or night, every single day.


Footrests can be constructed from different materials: wood, steel, plastic. Irrespective of the material, it should be able to withstand long and regular use without breaking.


There’s no point in buying a footrest that will move around and away from your feet. Good footrests should stay in place and even if you are the one moving. Rubber or silicone are usually the ones that are placed on the legs or bases of footrests to keep them from moving around.

Size and Portability

A large footrest for small feet is fine. But a small footrest for larger feet is not. Many people also prefer their footrests portable if not compact so they can use it anywhere in the house or office.


Who needs a footrest?

We all do!

If you really want your whole workspace to be ergonomic, back and posture-loving, don’t forget to get yourself a footrest. Your ottoman footstools won’t work. It should be a footrest designed to take care of your feet, back, and overall wellness.

I cross my legs when I work which is not good, I know. Which is why I need to get myself one as well. Footrests are also great for those with cold feet because it elevates the feet even without a rocking feature.