Best Ergonomic Desk Chair [2021]

What makes working for long hours on your computer more tolerable? An ergonomic desk chair.

Let’s face it. No matter how less we work on the computer, our posture will still be affected one way or another. That’s just how it is.

While I’ve cover home office desk before, only using good desk + ergonomic chair may not completely solve our back problems, especially if we still work for the longest hours every day, it will significantly minimize strain in the neck and back and posture problems.

I searched for the best ergonomic desk chair online and here’s what I found! If you’re interested to know more, do keep on reading!

SMUGDESK Ergonomics Mesh Computer Desk Chair

Smugdesk ergonomics mesh desk chair - product image

Adjustable everything. Almost.

While other ergonomic chairs can only adjust a few features, this one can adjust several. Its headrest is multi-dimensional and rotational which gives the optimum support and comfort for the neck.

Its armrest is called 3D armrest because you can adjust it up, down, left, right, forward, and backward. The adjustability doesn’t stop there as the chair also tilts back up to 117 degrees and can be height adjusted.

It also has great lumbar support. The chair hugs your lower back and promotes the natural spine curve as you sit on it even for long periods. This helps decrease spine fatigue as well as the rest of the lower back.

The breathable mesh lets air flow efficiently in the whole of your back to keep you cool.

  • Multi-rotational headrest
  • Neck support
  • 3D armrest
  • Reclines up to 117 degrees
  • Adjustable height
  • Great lumbar support
  • Not everyone likes the three-tiered backrest

NOUHAUS Ergo Flip! Mesh Computer Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo Flip! Computer Desk - Product Display

Fully flip the armrest and lounge back for 135 degrees.

Armrests that can be adjusted or removed is an excellent feature because sometimes, we just need to rest our elbows on the desk or get closer to the monitor. These armchairs fully flip backward which I think is great because it’s easier and less flimsy if it just goes one way rather than in all directions. Armrests that can be adjusted in all directions tend to go flimsy with time.

It’s designed to fully contour the spine for perfect alignment, strain, compression, and strain reduction with its full backrest, contoured neck rest, and curved lumbar. It also has an HD Elasto mesh fabric for ideal airflow and comfort without giving you “wire” marks at the back.

And it doesn’t stop there. This ergonomic chair also reclines at 135° so you can sit back when you need to. Also, it includes 5 additional wheels not because the ones attached are breakable, but because you’ll love the feel of them on hardwood floors.

  • Full armrest back flip
  • Great lumbar support
  • Great head and neck rest
  • Reclines up to 135 degrees
  • Breathable mesh fabric leaves no marks
  • Heavy-duty 5-point aluminum legs
  • Extra set of rollerblade caster wheels
  • None

SMUGDESK Ergonomic Office Chair

SMUGDESK Ergonomic Office Chair - Product Display

Compared to the other one, this chair is simpler, but more structured, in my opinion.

It has the same breathable mesh material and durable 5-point legs and caster wheels, but different seat, headrest, and armrest. The seat still has that excellent lumbar curvature but is more optimized through its unified backrest with a padded lumbar and seat padded with high-density memory foam.

This offers better posture and great comfort than those without a foam padding. The headrest has a different shape, but can still rotate and be adjusted by the height. Its armrests are not adjustable, but are padded and are effective in helping the whole back and body be in alignment.

This chair also includes pneumatic controls to easily raise or lower the seat, a rocking mode via a handle at the bottom, recline feature of up to 120°, and inclusion of a clothes hanger behind the neck rest.

  • Breathable mesh
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Padded lumbar back seat
  • Padded seat
  • Reclines to up 120°
  • Rocking mode
  • Clothes hanger
  • Non-adjustable armrests

Different Kinds of Office Chairs

Ergonomic Chair

This type of chair is developed to give a neutral spine and offer support for the rest of the body while working for long hours on the computer. These chairs are more expensive than regular office chairs but are more than worth it because they encourage good posture, prevent spinal conditions, and of course, back pain which we are all bound to have.

Office Chair

This is a general term for office or desk chairs that you commonly see on the market. They are made of leather (genuine and faux), vinyl, mesh, or fabric. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Mesh chairs, for example, are breathable while leather chairs are not. All of them can be ergonomically-designed or not.

Drafting Chair

These chairs are best for architects, artists, and anyone who loves to draft, sketch, and draw. Architects, in particular, work for long hours while standing.

They are recommended to sit down as long as they stand up. It’s not ideal to use as a desk chair because it’s height and build is meant for standing desks and drafting tables, but they still give ample support for the back and legs.

Balance Ball Chair

This chair is an exercise chair because of the balance ball. It has a base and a backrest but the actual seat is an exercise ball. This is meant for people who want to work out or maybe warm up in the office before actually working out.

Although it sounds great that you can work your abs in the office, it’s not going to work your posture.

Kneeling Chair

A kneeling chair is called so because you will appear like you are kneeling when you are using this chair. A knee rest holds your shins in place while the body moves forward and out. This prevents hunching.


I have a really bad backache due to sitting down and working on my computer for 10 hours daily and sometimes even the weekend. I always had to get a back massage just to alleviate the pain that eventually comes back after a week. So I decided to do some research and stumbled upon these guys.

Although pricier than conventional office chairs (maybe less than executive ones), ergonomic desk chairs offer much more by helping you address back pain, neck strain, and posture. They are an investment especially for someone like me who suffers from all of these as I also happen to have a mild dextro scoliosis.

Will I be buying this chair? Of course! I need to change my current one!