Best Alternative Office Chair: for Productivity & Wellness

best alternative office chair

Want to take a break from your regular office chair? Or maybe, breaking up from your current office chair? We’ve got alternative office chair for you! Don’t get me wrong. Office chairs are ideal for office use. It’s what they’re made for, obviously. But sometimes, we can’t help but wonder if there are other types … Read more

Best Backrest for Home Office Chair [2021]

best backrest for home office chair

Always complaining about your back pain whenever working on your computer? Now’s the time to do something about it! Let’s review some recommendation for backrest for home office chair product. I’m not saying you get a new chair or a massage every night. These are costly with the latter being even more. I’m saying, go … Read more

Best Ergonomic Desk Chair [2021]

best ergonomic desk chair

What makes working for long hours on your computer more tolerable? An ergonomic desk chair. Let’s face it. No matter how less we work on the computer, our posture will still be affected one way or another. That’s just how it is. While I’ve cover home office desk before, only using good desk + ergonomic … Read more

Best Fan for Cooling Your Home Office [2021]

best fan for cooling your home office

Working on our computers during winter or fall or even spring is fine. But summer? It’s just a whole lot different. The weather just seems to melt the computer but not our stress. And even if the weather is cool, laptops, computers, and other electronic devices will heat up. That’s just the way they work. … Read more

Best Laptop Stand for Home Use

best laptop stand for home use

Will you stop hunching when you use a laptop stand? I’d be lying if I said yes. But you will hunch less when you have a laptop stand. Laptops obviously don’t have stands. Laptops with stands make working on our laptops easier than without them. They elevate our laptops and make them eye level with … Read more

Best Standing Desk Converter for Laptop

best standing desk converter for laptop

I honestly didn’t know about desk converters until last year when I tested one. People working from home and offices have one thing in common. They suffer from back pain or other types of pain caused by sitting for too long a time. And I belong to this population. I love my ergonomic chair, don’t … Read more

Best Wooden Foot Rest Under Desk

best wooden foot rest under desk

When we work on the computer for extra long hours, it’s our back and spine that are the ones to take the most damage. But little do we know that our feet can also affect our posture and cause back pain if left unchecked. And it’s actually not just the back that suffers from pain … Read more

Best Work from Home Desk

best work from home desk

What makes your home office space great? A good desk to work on. I personally believe that I work better if I have a good desk. And for good reason. It’s where you will be spending most of your time and it’s also the one that holds your computer or tools you work with. A … Read more

Home Office Setup Ideas

home office setup ideas Featured Image

We don’t need to be working from home to qualify in setting up a home office, although those who are will definitely need to set up one. Setting up an office requires planning and decision-making. It may be a small office, but it is your own personalized office so it has to take time. A … Read more